What the heck is branding?

Welcome to an information gold mine about branding… What is ‘Branding’? There’s so much that comes into ‘branding’ there is often a misunderstanding as to what branding is, why we need it and how we do it. In this article, I’ll be discussing some common misconceptions around branding, what branding is and how to approach […]

Why Authors Need a Website: Building Your Digital Author Platform

In this digital age, it’s not just about writing great stories; it’s also about having a strong online presence, a place where you can connect with readers, showcase your work, and establish your brand. That’s why having a website is crucial for writers. In this blog, we’ll explore why a website is an integral part […]

10 questions to help find your new business name

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New to business? Need a company name? You’re in the right place. So you’ve had lots of potential business names flying around… have you written them down yet? Get a record of them in writing, so you can give yourself some distance from the list and let them simmer… while you do that, you can […]

What makes a good designer-client relationship?

What makes a good designer-client relationship? This is a short guide for both designers and clients, enabling them to create a positive work relationship and environment to make the best creative outcomes from the process. That’s right – it’s not often talked about, but there is often the question of – how does the designer-client […]

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog! This blog is a lot about design, a bit about me and a lot about answering the questions you have on what, how and why? Hopefully offering some thought-provoking insights into the world of branding and design and an opportunity to have open, honest discussions on the sensitive subjects as well […]