What the heck is branding?

Welcome to an information gold mine about branding… What is ‘Branding’? There’s so much that comes into ‘branding’ there is often a misunderstanding as to what branding is, why we need it and how we do it. In this article, I’ll be discussing some common misconceptions around branding, what branding is and how to approach […]

6 ways branding helps to grow your business

6 ways branding helps to grow your business *This blog is relevant to anyone (businesses, freelancers, individuals etc) wishing to make more of a splash! If you’re looking to grow and build a more consistent online presence and make it easier for people to find you, then branding is your friend. Good branding plays a […]

Guest blog: The Value of Author Branding

I was invited by the team over at Inky Frog Editorial to talk about the importance of author branding. In this blog, I talk about: Check out the full article here -> The Value of Author Branding As an author there are many advantages to building a brand early on in your writing career. In […]

What Should You Invest In First: Branding Or Website Design?

What Should You Invest In First: Branding Or Website Design? Branding —–> and that means… to invest in your business and the future of your business early on, in order to benefit in the long run. It may sound scary, but getting your branding together first, before you commit to a website project is very […]

10 questions to help find your new business name

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New to business? Need a company name? You’re in the right place. So you’ve had lots of potential business names flying around… have you written them down yet? Get a record of them in writing, so you can give yourself some distance from the list and let them simmer… while you do that, you can […]

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog! This blog is a lot about design, a bit about me and a lot about answering the questions you have on what, how and why? Hopefully offering some thought-provoking insights into the world of branding and design and an opportunity to have open, honest discussions on the sensitive subjects as well […]